Wax-Free Ceramic Shine

MARBLELIFE® Tileloktm Services
Provides a Wax-free Shine to Your Ceramic & Porcelain Tile.

Are you STILL using wax to get a shine?

Advances in material science, makes waxing tile an expensive, messy unnecessary process. The good news we can save you money while delivering a more consistent clean appearance.

Wax has several expensive avoidable issues:

  1. Scuffing – Immediately after waxing the floor begins to be scuffed by each rubber souled shoe that is dragged across it. You can either live with the scuffs, spend money having someone walk around with a tennis ball on a stick rubbing scuff marks, or evaluate MARBLELIFE’s TileLok Services Coating which does not scuff.
  2. Yellowing – Waxes yellow with age as dirt is ground into their soft surface. MARBLELIFE TileLok Services coatings are abrasion resistant and do not collect dirt.
  3. Buffing – Constent demand for labor to buff the floor to maintain that glossy appearance. MARBLELIFE TileLok Services do not require any buffing to maintain its quality gloss appearance.
  4. Stripping – Labor, solvent use, and material disposal are just a part of the annoying wax and strip cycle. MARBLELIFE TileLok Services provides gloss treatments have sufficient abrasion resistance to can go for years without touch-up eliminating labor costs, solvent and material disposal issues.

MARBLELIFE TileLok Services employs treatments so unique they are patent protected.

Gloss finishes, with sufficient abrasion resistance to avoid scuffing, the need for buffing, or yellowing. Our treatments have been used to save universities, hospitals, airports and office buildings significant savings while delivering a more consistent appearance.

CASE STUDY: University of Florida treated 170,000 sqft of high traffic dorm floors and reported a savings of more than $50,000 per year, and for the first time could release their maintenance staff to enjoy the Christmas to New Year break, when they had traditionally done their strpping.

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