Slip Resistant Treatments

MARBLELIFE TileLok Services – Slip Resistant Treatments

If you have tile in your building, you have a potential slip-and-fall condition if you are not actively managing the situation.  Management requires planning on how to handle grease, water and dust, the lubricating medium most likely to be involved in a flat surface slip and fall.

Boost the coefficient-of-friction of your floor surface can assist you greatly.  MARBLELIFE offers ceramic, slate and porcelain tile treatments capable of boosting coefficient-of-friction to between 0.7 to 0.8 while maintaining a glossy appearance.  The range places one in the optimal window per the Veteran’s Administation.  High enough to provide solid traction, while not being so high as to create a trip hazard.  Need more? MARBLELIFE can provide additional traction control.

Get a Program = No matter how high the coefficient-of-friction one still has to maintain your floors.  This means accounting for grease, water and dust sources in your housekeeping.  Want to know how you are doing, contact your local MARBLELIFE office to get a coefficient-of-friction assessment on your floor.  A couple of measurements and you can understand where your floor materials stand, but also how well your maintenance staff is doing in maintaining the surface.

The average slip and fall lawsuits settles for $50,000.  Don’t have a plan to monitor and manage your floor’s safety?  We can help.  Have a program in place and you are less likely a target.

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