Your Grout can look new…Again!

Let marblelife® bring your tile & grout back to life! Marblelife’s groutlife-colorSeal Technology leaves your grout better than new!  

Tile Cleaning,Grout Repair & Floor Restoration


Beautiful, Clean, Fresh, Safe, and Healthy Tile & Grout Floors. What we expect from our tile and grout floors.


The good news
 you can have it – no matter what your tile looks like now.

  • Struggling to get and keep your tile and grout clean? MARBLELIFE can restore a uniform, fresh, clean appearance that will resist future staining with our COLORSEAL solutions.
  • Want a Clean Tile Shine? We can provide a permanent. abrasion resistant glossy freshly waxed appeance, without the scuffing, yellowing, stripping, work and cost associated with waxing.
  • Need Greater Slip Resistance? We can dial your floor’s coefficient-of-friction into the VA recommended 0.6-0.8 window recommended as providing enough friction to provide traction without creating a trip hazard.
  • Have Worn Tile? Before you replace, see what MARBLELIFE can do with our tile refacing treatments capable of delivering mold resistant, low slip, gloss finish to your tired, worn tile. Combine with COLORSEAL and we can restore a new floor appearance for far less cost, dust or downtime of replacement.
  • Concerned with Secondary Infection? Dirt carries bacteria, particularly if you are cleaning a medical or educational facility. Failed grout seals mean that dirty mop water is being absorbed by the grout to create resevoir or bacteria. MARBLELIFE’s TILELOK Services seal the tile and grout with a non-porous inorganic treatment for an easier to clean healthier floor.
  • Struggling to manage Mold? MARBLELIFE Tilelok Services provide non-porous inorganic surface treatments which rob mold of organic media or moisture needed to grow.
  • Fighting Gaffiti? Interior or Exterior, Metal, Tile, Concrete or other surfaces, MARBLELIFE can provide you an anti-graffiti treatment that will make future clean-up a breeze.
  • Are You Still Waxing Your TileAdvances in material science have enabled MARBLELIFE to deliver a wax-like shine, without the scuffing, wear, yellowing, and stripping, but sufficient abrasion resistance to dramatically reduce your maintenance costs.
  • Want to Cut Maintenance Costs? MARBLELIFE’s solutions are engineered to be low maintenance solutions, reducing future cleaning costs, in addition to making cleaning a breeze.


Contact us for a Free Estimate. Just enter your zip code and get the contact number for your closest MARBLELIFE craftsman, or with just one more click request an estimate. You are a click away from getting your floor back, understanding what caused the problem, and knowing that it has been solved once and for all.


You are not alone.  The difference is instead of using brute force and standard cleaning efforts, MARBLELIFE has studied the problem, defined the root cause, and engineered solutions that not only take care of the problem, but reduce future maintenance costs considerably.  When we are done you will have a clean, healthy, safe, beautiful and easy to maintain floor, more money in your budget, greater pride in your property, and a smile.

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